Our Afghan Pine Trees

Afghan pines without irrigation usually take five to six years to become a marketable-sized Christmas tree. Because of the drought conditions this past year, our choose-and-cut Afghan pines did not grow. Most are not tall or thick enough for our customers' needs. Not cutting any trees this year will ensure larger trees and more happy customers in years to come.


Our Fraser Firs

Every effort will be made to insure optimum freshness and quality of the Fraser fir trees we sell. Within a few hours of their arrival on a refrigerated truck, the fir trees get a fresh cut made on the base for maximum water absorption. They are then placed in water tubs in the shade of large oak trees. Our fir trees will be priced according to height and quality grade. The 6 foot to 9 foot trees will range from $89 to $189.

Opening Date: Friday after Thanksgiving

Weekdays: 3pm – Dark

Saturday: 9am – Dark

Sunday: 1pm – Dark

Our Christmas tree farm is convenient to the

Dallas/Fort Worth, Hillsboro, and Waco areas.

(254) 435-6255